Thirst for rum drives sales to 1billion

January 12, 2018

Rising consumer demand of rum has seen an increase in UK sales, with an expectation to surpass 1billion for 2017. This growing trend follows hot on the heels of gin, which hit the same milestone in 2016, demonstrating a consumer curiosity and interest in new and varied brands.

Sales of rum within the UK to September 2017 were up 5%, reaching 991million (the equivalent of 34.3 million bottles), compared to the same period the previous year. Evidence of the growing popularity of rum can also be seen over the last five years, where sales have increased 18% in volume, and 38% in value.

A factor driving the popularity of rum has been created by the emergence of different, new and exciting brands on the market, driven by the rapid growth in the number of distilleries within the UK who have expanded their ranges to introduce rum. In the last five years there were approximately 50 rum brands within the UK market, which increased to over 150 in 2016, with 40 new distilleries opening in the same year, bringing the total to an estimated 273 distilleries within the UK.

An advantage rum brings to the table is that of its uniqueness within the market, created by the sugarcane used, which grows within varying conditions across the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America, resulting in a vast variety of distinct flavours of rum.

The rising number of distilleries and new brands within the UK market has not only helped to boost rum sales, but has also enabled more bars to stock a greater range of rum, driving a consumer thirst for retro rum-based craft cocktails, fuelling the consumer interest in provenance and the story behind their beverage.