The world is going green on plastics: Effect of the move to glass

April 17, 2018

Close to a decade now, environmental scientists started issuing warnings about bisphenol A also known as BPA. Then, plastic manufacturers started producing BPA-Free plastics. However, issues relating to plastics are beyond its effect on health but also on the environment. Manufacturers are shifting away from the use of plastics to the use of glass in packaging food and drinks.

Currently, close to 85% of manufacturers have witnessed a surge in the demands of glass drinks by customers. Precisely, there’s between 7% to 10% demand for glass. With the spike in the demand for glass bottles, there’s a new wave of customers who prefer their drinks in glass rather than plastics. A glass to many is perceived to be environmentally friendly. With this situation, expect to witness a shift from plastics to glass in the coming years, and this shift will come at additional cost.

The beauty of this paradigm shift is that it is being driven by the customers who are ready to pay more for glass rather than plastic which is cheaper. It is not only the manufacturers of milk and other drinks that will feel the effect of the war on plastics. Makers of glass pints are experiencing a resurgent in sales in a decade high record. More glass pints need to be produced to meet up with the growing demands.