British weather is set to impact the food industry

April 25, 2018

Britain recently experienced the coldest February in 5 years as temperatures plummeted and many aspects of British life were affected by the severe weather conditions, from transportation to communications. Outside of this, the food industry is also not spared due to the damage and late planting of crops. As a result, there will be a late maturation of fruits and vegetables, compared to last year.

The severe weather created by the “beast of the east” is expected to give farmers a tough time. For instance, asparagus growers were already harvesting as early as the first week of April last year, but it will be delayed by at least 3 weeks this Spring. Asparagus growers are not the only ones affected, the potatoes and onion growers are also feeling the impact. Even animal farmers are not left out, as they are spending more on feeding and keeping their animals healthy and alive.

It is believed that the farmers will bear the extra cost, as manufactures and retailers will look to elsewhere in Europe and the world to fill the void of late British produce, as the availability of fresh foods will ultimately impact consumers. For food retail businesses, they will have to pay more for sourcing further afield, to get the best fruit and vegetables. In order not to compromise quality and standard of food, it will have to come at a high cost.