How will manufacturers survive without CO2

June 28, 2018

Europe is experiencing the lowest supply of CO2 in decades, which is already causing ripples among popular carbonated drink brands, such as Heineken and Coke, who have been struggling to keep up production since April.

The shortage of CO2 is the result of the shutdown of at least five of the major CO2 plants across Northern Europe for seasonal maintenance. Customer demand for carbonated drinks such as beer, cider and soft drinks has also been higher than usual for this time of year due to the World Cup, as well as the warmer than average weather.

It is not only the carbonated drinks industry that is hit by the CO2 shortage. CO2 has an important place in farms as it is used in curbing overcrowding. The chemical is primarily applied for stunning the animals. Farmers are already considering alternatives that are only feasible in the short-term. As for carbonated drink producers, there is no short-cut to the use of CO2 outside of reducing or shutting down production.

The twist to the lingering CO2 shortage is the lack of commitment by the producers as to when production will resume. This leaves the users of CO2 desperate to the next line of action.