Your summer salad is under threat

June 3, 2018

The shortage of popular salad leaves and vegetables are expected in coming days due to the towering temperatures and increasing demand.

The higher-than-usual temperatures, and lack of rain have been putting UK crop yields under immense stress which is having a damaging impact on the growth of leafy salads, broccoli, cauliflower and other related vegetables. At this time of year, the UK crop usually accounts for 90% of the supply of vegetables and salad leaves needed, which is why the change in weather is going to be felt.

The UKs hotter summer weather has also been driving consumer demand for greens, with a record 18 million lettuce sold last week.

In order not to be caught out by the imminent shortages, there is now a need to start looking for cheaper and more readily available options outside the UK, and countries affected by the unusual weather. The United States and some parts of Europe are expected to be the most likely alternative sources if they have any spare supply.

This weather could be an avenue for agricultural professionals to look to the future to find ways to cultivate vegetables that could withstand extreme temperatures. However, what is most important as a matter of urgency is to be able to procure salads and other vegetables until the temperature stabilises.