The Vegan Revolution

January 14, 2019

Thereís a revolution going on in the food sector, the shift from what used to be a fringe of the society to the mainstream. Itís called the rise of Veganuary and the question on the lips of industry stakeholders is that how did we get here? From the 168,000 people who pledged to go vegan on 31st December 2018, the number has risen to quarter of a million and still growing.

The implications of this on the food and restaurant industry is simple; to stay competitive and profitable. Restaurants are achieving this by adapting the availability of menu options to cater to this rising customer demand. This is shown by the leading players making changes to their menus, such as the UKís biggest baker, Gregís, introducing their vegan sausage roll, and leading fast food restaurant chain, McDonalds, including their first vegetarian wrap.

Veganuary is indeed a bandwagon but itís one that will not go away soon, at least not any time soon. The momentum might be difficult to maintain by many of the new vegans but a lot of the new vegans will be retained for life.

Restaurants will be doing harm to their business if they are yet to exploit the new rage of veganism.