African Swine Fever affects Chinese pork output

March 25, 2019

The seizure of over 1 million pounds of Pork from China in New York due to suspicions of the African Swine Flu will further affect the already fragile pork prices. Since August 2018, there have been reported cases of the disease in China which is the home of the largest hog herd globally.

Due to the African Swine Flu, China have culled not less than 1 million pigs in a bid to control the spread of the disease, which has contributed to the spiking price of pork globally.

Even though the African Swine Flu does not have any cure currently, it cannot harm humans. Not less than 25 regions and provinces have been affected by the disease which have defied any form of control. Pork processors are conducting all forms of quality control to ensure infected pork does not get into circulation.

Many believe the outbreak of the African Swine Flu is more prevalent than reported, which makes China a no-go area for the rest of the pork consuming world. China itself is currently turning to the United States and Europe for meat, further pushing up prices.